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No. 186: Screening of environmental risks in the discharges of environmentally hazardous substances with industrial wastewater to Agersø Sound - focus on the wastewater discharges from the company RGS Nordic A /

Strand, J. 2020. Screening af miljørisici ved udledningerne af miljøfarlige stoffer med industrispildevand til Agersø Sund - fokus på spildevandsudledningerne fra virksomheden RGS Nordic A/S. Aarhus Universitet, DCE – Nationalt Center for Miljø og Energi, 46 s. - Teknisk rapport nr. 186. http://dce2.au.dk/pub/TR186.pdf


The report describes a screening of possible environmental risks of the discharge of industrial wastewater from the industrial facility RGS Nordic to the coastal waters in Agersø Sund. The assessment in the report is based on data for the period 2005-2020. Data are retrieved from the national point source database PULS, supplemented by some additional data for the PFOS content in the wastewater.

The screening carried out shows that the wastewater discharged by RGS Nordic contains environmentally hazardous substances that may pose a threat to marine organisms. In relation to the current environmental quality standards for Danish marine waters (Executive Order 1625 of 19/12/2017), the report concludes that based on the available data it cannot be ruled out that the discharge of environmentally hazardous substances with the wastewater from RGS Nordic can have an environmental impact and that the environmental target of "good status" therefore is not met outside the designated mixing zone for the effluent into Agersø Sound.

The analysis also shows that the emissions from RGS Nordic have generally complied with the requirements in the environmental approval from 2008, where the threshold values ​​are based on a set of older environmental quality standards that were in force at the time.

The report recommends that the basis for assessing the wastewater load and potential impacts on marine organisms can be improved with a more site-specific study of environmental conditions, including measurements around the discharge point and at selected stations in Agersø Sound.