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DCE at Aarhus University represents Denmark’s leading research environment as regards applied environmental research. Via research-based public sector consultancy, we aim to provide an academic and scientific foundation on which to base the decisions regarding nature and the environment made by bodies such as the Danish Parliament, ministries and municipalities, the Greenland Home Rule Government, and the European Union.

Public institutions are important purchasers of DCE’s consultancy services, but we also collaborate with private companies such as consultant engineering firms both in Denmark and abroad.

DCE draws on the entire knowledge base at Aarhus University when we provide research-based consultancy services. Environmental research and consultancy at Aarhus University are mainly carried out by departmental staff members at the Department of Ecoscience and the Department of Environmental Science, which have approximately 450 employees altogether. The consultancy services are based on internationally acknowledged research.

We therefore have considerable expertise in consultancy and we are able to carry out complex multidisciplinary tasks to ensure an all-round solution. At the same time, our special expertise at a high level of research enables DCE to unravel problems in narrowly defined subject areas.

The centre contributes to the departmental work involved in the coordination of consultancy and monitoring, project management, quality assurance of consultancy, signing contracts and preparing project applications, as well as strategic research initiatives.

If you would like to know more about DCE’s consultancy services, etc., you are welcome to contact us.