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Here you can find information about nature and the environment in Greenland and other Arctic regions – on land, on the water and in the air.

Aarhus University’s contribution

Aarhus University has a large group of experts on Greenland who work with assessing and monitoring how nature is coping in Greenland and how the Greenland environment is being affected by mining activities. We take part in the international Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Programme (AMAP). Aarhus University also helps to study global climate and environmental changes – what will happen in the future, and what are the consequences for the Arctic environment? In addition, Aarhus University runs the Zackenberg Research Station in North-East Greenland, as well as its monitoring programmes.


Research into nature in the Arctic and Arctic ecosystems is carried out in particular at the Department of Ecoscience and Department of Environmental Science in the following fields:

Arctic Environment 
Tom Christensen, Ecoscience

Arctic Ecosystem Ecology
Niels-Martin Schmidt, Bioscience 

Marine Mammal Research
Jacob Nabe-Nielsen, Bioscience

Chemical contaminants in the Arctic.
Katrin Vorkamp, Environmental Science

Atmospheric processes in Arctic.
Henrik Skov, Environmental Science

Climate modelling
Peter Langen, Environmental Science

Glacier microbiology
Alexandra Anesio, Environmental Science

Glacier Biogeochemistry
Martyn Tranter, Environmental Science

Consultancy services for the Danish Ministry of the Environment

DCE – Danish Centre for Environment and Energy provides consultancy services regarding Arctic conditions, partly via the framework agreement between Aarhus University and the Danish Ministry of the Environment (available in Danish only).

On the topic of Greenland, DCE provides consultancy services for the Danish Ministry of the Environment in the areas of:

  • Arctic nature, environment and ecosystems
  • Climate effects in marine areas in Denmark and the Arctic

In addition, DCE has a contract with the Environment Agency for Mineral Resources Activities under the Government of Greenland. We provide consultancy services in connection with the production and transportation of minerals and petroleum in Greenland.

Other areas of consultancy

DCE offers services and consultancy to other public and private sector customers in all our areas of expertise. All consultancy services are based on internationally acknowledged research.

Read more about DCE's consultancy services.