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Chemistry and Risk


Aarhus University works with assessing the impact of chemical substances – including nanomaterials – microorganisms and GMOs on the environment. We carry out research into sustainable biotechnology, and we research and advise on human exposure to chemicals and microorganisms in the environment. We study the effects of organic and conventional farming, as well as the impact of acidification, eutrophication, climatic stress and other types of stress. We also work on developing environmentally responsible pest control methods.


Research in chemistry and biotechnology is carried out at the Department of Environmental Science in the following sections:

Environmental Chemistry and Toxicology
AU Roskilde

Environmental Microbiology and Circular Resource Flow
AU Roskilde

In addition, research into the risk assessment of GMOs and nanomaterials is carried out at the Department of Ecoscience:

Terrestrial Ecology
AU Silkeborg

Arctic Environment
AU Roskilde

Public sector consultancy

DCE – Danish Centre for Environment and Energy provides consultancy services for the public sector and other bodies regarding chemistry and biotechnology, including work carried out via the framework agreement between Aarhus University and the Danish Ministry of the Environment.

On the topic of chemistry and biotechnology, DCE provides consultancy services for the Danish Ministry of the Environment in the areas of:

  • Environmental chemistry
  • Microbiology
  • Effects and risk assessment of genetically modified plants (GMPs), chemicals, pesticides and nanoparticles
  • Environmentally hazardous substances in the atmosphere

Other areas of consultancy

DCE offers services and consultancy to other public and private sector customers in all our areas of expertise. All consultancy services are based on internationally acknowledged research.

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