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Collaboration agreements and financing

There are two basically different models for collaboration between Aarhus University and companies. They can be either co-financed research or commissioned research. Financing of the two types of projects is different, and this means different conditions for issues such as ownership of data, confidentiality, and price.

Co-financed projects

In co-financed projects, all parties contribute with resources. For you as a company, co-financed research can be an economic advantage because of any financing via public funds and innovation sources.

The partners jointly agree on the content of the project and how it should proceed. It should thus be able to accommodate your needs and wishes, and also live up to a number of scientifically relevant criteria and quality issues. Once a verbal agreement has been entered into, a written collaboration agreement is drawn up, and this includes determining issues such as intellectual property rights, publication, and confidentiality. Read more about legal aspects and licensing agreements

A number of financing options are available for such projects, where it is possible to apply for subsidies and grants from public sources. Our employees are experts in this area, and can find the best form of financing in dialogue with you.

Contact us for more information about opportunities for co-financed collaboration projects.

Commissioned research

In commissioned research projects, your company purchases specific services from the university, which means they are fully financed by you. These can include tasks such as analysis and testing, involving commercial exploitation of the researchers’ skills.

Unless special circumstances apply, the company has the right to the results achieved, including any intellectual property rights. Aarhus University also takes out product responsibility insurance. Read more about legal aspects and licensing agreements

Contact us for more information about opportunities for commissioned research projects.