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Stancode (Standard Dynamic Code Lists for Environmental Data) is a collection of code lists for environmental data that makes XML-based data exchange possible.

The first version pf Stancode was launched in early July 2011. If you encounter any errors or irregularities, please report these to the STANDAT Secretariat by sending an e-mail to Stancodesekretariat v/Iben Kongsfelt.

Stancode is a refined version of the STANDAT code lists classification, and the new code lists are initially based on the STANDAT code lists in terms of content. As needs arise, Stancode lists will be gradually added that are no longer available in STANDAT. The main aim of developing the new system is to make it possible to apply the code lists in connection with data exchange in OIOXML format.

In connection with converting the STANDAT code lists to Stancode lists, the existing STANDAT code lists will be ‘tidied up’. This can involve adjustments in individual code lists. In addition, STANDAT code lists that are no longer relevant will not be created as Stancode lists. The transfer from STANDAT to Stancode, as well as setting up any new code lists, will be gradually carried out according to requirements. On being launched, Stancode therefore only contains a very few code lists, i.e. those that have been revised and approved by the STANDAT steering committee. This means there are more in the pipeline.

Stancode is expected to supersede STANDAT in due time, but because there are still a number of database systems that depend on STANDAT code lists, these will be provisionally maintained parallel with the corresponding Stancode lists. For each STANDAT code list transferred to Stancode, a help list will also be set up for use in converting between STANDAT and Stancode versions of the code list.

This website can help in managing Stancode, and you can also find detailed information about the system and the code lists, a database that contains code lists and help lists, and a web service that makes it possible to implement automatic updates of code lists and help lists in database systems that use Stancode lists.

If you have any questions regarding Stancode or applying for new Stancode lists, please contact
Stancodesekretariat v/Iben Kongsfelt
e-mail: ibk@dce.au.dk
Tlf: +45 9352 2725