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Here you can see the impact of different societal activities on nature and the environment. This is also where we talk about a number of multidisciplinary topics such as the greenhouse effect, genetic engineering and health. You can also find a collection of environmental and social analyses. These pages were originally prepared by Denmark’s National Environmental Research Institute (NERI), but are now updated by the Department of Environmental Science at Aarhus University.

Aarhus University’s contribution

Work carried out at Aarhus University covers environmental economics, sociology, integrated analyses of the environment and society, the open land and integrated assessment of chemicals. Aarhus University is also responsible for emission inventories in accordance with international conventions (the Climate Convention and the Geneva Convention on Long-Range Transboundary Air Pollution) and the European Union.


Research into the environment and society is mainly carried out at the Department of Environmental Science in the following sections:

Environmental Social Science and Geography

Public sector consultancy

DCE – Danish Centre for Environment and Energy provides consultancy services for the public sector and other bodies regarding the environment and society, including work carried out via the framework agreement between Aarhus University and the Danish Ministry of the Environment (available in Danish only).

On the topic of society, DCE provides consultancy services for the Danish Ministry of the Environment in the areas of:

  • Environmental economics
  • Environmental sociology and environmental politology
  • Environmental geography

Other areas of consultancy

DCE offers services and consultancy to other public and private sector customers in all our areas of expertise. All consultancy services are based on internationally acknowledged research.

Read more about DCE's consultancy services.