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DCE – Danish Centre for Environment and Energy – is the entry point for both national and international authorities, as well as businesses, special interest organisations and the public, to Aarhus University’s academic environments in the areas of nature, environment and energy. DCE’s international activities include:

  • International consultancy
  • International conventions
  • International networks

International consultancy

At DCE, we provide consultancy services for international institutions and private companies, either independently or in collaboration with Danish or foreign institutions.

DCE - Danish Center for Environment and Energy together with DCA - Danish Center for Food and Agricuculture is providing international training and workshops on science-based policy advice within the fields of climate, environment and agriculture. You can read more about our activities here: www.ghentgroup.org 

International conventions

DCE takes part in the international collaboration under HELCOM (the Helsinki Convention on the Protection of the Marine Environment in the Baltic Sea Area) and OSPAR (the Convention for the Protection of the Marine Environment of the North-East Atlantic).

International networks

DCE is a member of the following international networks: