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STANDAT Service Software version 3 (SSP3)

Download SSP3 and template editor (in Danish only) at the STANDAT Library (Standatbiblioteket).

SSP3 is a help program for checking STANDAT files, either a simple check for syntax errors or an advanced check. For example, you can check for maximum and/or minimum value limits, the presence of data, the presence of information in code tables, and valid values. To some extent, you can carry out combination checks for data types in a particular subject, e.g. combinations of parameters and units of measure.

The SSP3 program is available in a zip file of approximately 12 Mb.

It takes less than four minutes to download the file with a fast ISDN connection, and approximately an hour with a 28.8 modem.

A dialogue box appears, in which you can open or save the file. If you choose to open the file, it will be unpacked immediately after being downloaded to your computer. Alternatively, you can save the file in a predetermined library.

Follow the screen dialogue to install SSP3:

  1. Create a new library, for example C:\SSP3
  2. Go to the STANDAT Library and download two zipped files – SSP3 and the latest update of the code lists, e.g. ‘Updated code lists, winter 2012’. Save the files in the library you have created.
  3. Unpack the zipped files with WinZip or equivalent and save them in the same place.
  4. When SSP3 has been unpacked, a set-up application appears. Double click on this. You need to state a library for the set-up. Choose the same library as above. The ‘SSP3 check’ is now installed, but not with the updated code lists.
  5. Download the code lists as before. To enter the latest updated code lists in the program, you need to import these by choosing ‘Funktioner’ (Functions), ‘Vedligehold kodelister’ (Maintain code lists), ‘Filer’ (Files) and ‘Importér kodelister’ (Import code lists). The library in which the code lists are installed is then stated.
  6. After importing the code lists, you need to restart SSP3 to see the update.