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More about STANDAT

The starting point is that environmental data can be moved around in STANDAT format from the early stage in laboratory measuring instruments to when the information is entered in the databases in one of the national academic data centres.

To exchange data in STANDAT format, you need an editor for making a STANDAT file, as well as STANDAT’s code lists, which provide the framework for which environmental data can be exchanged. For help in making a STANDAT file, you can read the instructions in the Guideline from the Environmental Protection Agency no. 1 1990, STANDAT v 1.1.

A help program called SSP3 (STANDAT Service Software version 3) is available for checking STANDAT files. You can use SSP3 to check simple syntax and to carry out advanced checks of a STANDAT file. For example, you can check for maximum and/or minimum value limits, the presence of data, the presence of information in code tables, and valid values. To some extent, you can carry out combination checks for data types in a particular subject, e.g. combinations of parameters and units of measure.

Download SSP3 (in Danish only) at the STANDAT Library (Standatbiblioteket).