Danish Centre for Environment and Energy


2017.03.27 |

Geese begin to threaten nature, agriculture and air traffic

European goose populations have grown so much in the last 40 years that they have gone from being relatively threatened to numbers that themselves present a threat to agriculture, biodiversity and air safety.

2017.01.20 |

Networked Environmental Monitoring – from sensor principles to novel services

High-end seminar on air pollution meteorology, monitoring and technology

2017.01.05 |

Handling radioactive mining in the Arctic

New report on mining and radioactive materials i Greenland

2017.01.04 |

Wastewater treatment and discharge

Emissions from Danish wastewater treatment plants from anaerobic sludge treatment.

2017.01.04 |

Projection of greenhouse gases 2014-2025

The emissions are projected to 2025 using a scenario, which includes the estimated effects of policies and measures implemented by November 2015 on Denmark’s GHG emissions.


Mon 03 Apr
09:00-17:00 | Eigtveds Pakhus, Asiatisk Plads 2 G, 1448 Copenhagen K
European workshop on water quality and economic instruments, Copenhagen
Water quality: New & old threats - What roles for Economic Instruments?
Mon 29 May
09:00-16:00 | The Hague, The Netherlands
3rd International Interdisciplinary Conference on Land use and water quality: Effect of agriculture on the environment
Abstract submission deadline: 17 October 2016

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