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Pink-footed geese at Klemskerke, Belgium. Photo: Roland François

2015.06.17 |

Management Plan for the pink-footed goose has surprisingly rapid effect

After just two years of implementing an international adaptive management plan for the pink-footed goose, its population has been reduced to the agreed target of 60,000 geese.

“The Energy Tower" in Roskilde adorns the publication's cover.

2015.05.08 |

Publication describing the Danish efforts towards clean air since 1970

Over the past 40 years, research, innovation, regulation and technology have worked in close combination to reduce considerably air pollution in Denmark for a variety of pollutants.

A new book that provides an overview of climate change and the Baltic Sea region will be launched at a conference about climate change adaptation to be held in Copenhagen in May 2015. Photo: Colourbox

2015.05.05 |

Book launch at ECCA 2015

The new book, “Second Assessment of Climate Change for the Baltic Sea Basin”, will be launched at the European Climate Change Adaptation conference ECCA 2015 in Copenhagen in May 2015.

If farmers along the river Storåen allow their fields to be flooded, they could help prevent situations such as this from further up the river in the town of Holstebro in 2007. Photo: Janne Hansen

2015.05.05 |

Farmers can help urban dwellers control flooding

Farmers can adapt their land use to help city dwellers control flooding, but the farmers require the right financial incentive, a Danish research project shows.

2015.04.14 |

Open Seminar: PhD researcher Marco Scotti, GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel, Experimental Ecology (Foodwebs)

Title: Ecological Network Analysis (ENA) for assessing the security and the sustainability of human systems.

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The DCE - Danish Centre for Environment and Energy has been reorganised from the former National Environmental Research Institute (NERI) which was closed on 30 June 2011. The research departments of the old NERI are now divided between the Department of Bioscience and the Department of Environmental Science.

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