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2016.05.26 |

Harbour Porpoises are Skilled Hunters and Eat Almost Constantly

Always eating to survive, porpoises are among the best hunters in the sea, new study shows.

2016.05.11 |

Decreased air pollution in Danish cities

The air quality monitoring report from 2014 shows that concentration of pollution has decreased over the past decade in Denmark, but H.C. Andersen’s Boulevard exceeds the NO2 level above the EU limit value.

2016.04.15 |

Climate Adaption in Local Governance

A new study shows that strong leadership, large municipalities and prior experiences with climate change are key factors in implementing climate adaption strategies within Danish municipalities

2016.04.12 |

Trends in Records and Contribution of Non-indigenous Species (NIS) to Biotic Communities in Danish Marine Water

Results from the investigation on non-indigenous species (NIS) in Danish marine water show a signifi-cant increase of NIS since 1989

2016.04.08 |

Environmental Assessments of Sea Dumped Chemical Warfare Agents

A new report concludes that the installation of a pipe line in the Nord Stream is not stirring up chemical warfare agents or disturbing fish communities


Wed 26 Oct
13:00-14:00 | The Pavillon, Aarhus University, ENVS, Frederiksborgvej 399, 4000 Roskilde
External seminar: Chloe Y. Gao, Dept. of Earth & Environmental Sciences, Columbia University
Title: "MATRIX-VBS: Implementing organic aerosol volatility in an aerosol microphysics model"
Mon 29 May
09:00-16:00 | The Hague, The Netherlands
3rd International Interdisciplinary Conference on Land use and water quality: Effect of agriculture on the environment
Abstract submission deadline: 17 October 2016

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