2012.08.09 | DCE, Public / media

Arctic research and monitoring worth half a billion Danish Kroner

The Arctic research and monitoring programme - Greenland Ecosystem Monitoring (GEM) - which is coordinated by Aarhus University, either cooperates with or is formally involved in projects and initiatives in the Arctic region worth half a billion Danish Kroner up till 2016. DCE publishes GEM's working plan.

2012.08.08 | DCE, Public / media

High incidence of injured barnacle geese

Nearly every seventh adult barnacle goose carries embedded pellets. This is evidenced in an X-ray study of barnacle geese caught in Western Jutland, Denmark, undertaken within the framework of DCE - Danish Centre for Environment and Energy, Aarhus University.

The Clearwater Lake field station in the Canadian Québec province is included in the catalogue. Photo: INTERACT

2012.08.07 | DCE, Public / media

45 arctic research and field stations in a unique catalogue

A drastically increasing need to carry on research in the Arctic regions is immediately reflected in a rapidly increasing number of research and field stations in the northern hemisphere. DCE is publishing a catalogue of more than 45 research and field stations.

2012.08.07 | DCE, Public / media

DCE millions to research in healthy cities and resource efficiency

In 2012-13 DCE - Danish Centre for Environment and Energy supports nine research projects and one conference and communication project at Aarhus University with DKK 10 million.

Harbour Porpoise. Photo: Jonas Teilmann

2012.08.07 | DCE, Public / media

Re-established stony reef attracts harbour porpoises for a midnight snack

A little less than 45,000 square km of cavernous stony reef at Læsø Trindel in Kattegat has quickly become a preferred dining place for porpoises.

Pink-footed goose, photo: Magnus Elander©. Click for full photo.

2012.06.14 | DCE, Public / media

Unique European waterbird management plan

Together with Norway, the Netherlands and Belgium, Denmark will initiate a unique management plan for the Svalbard population of the pink-footed goose.

The prize-winning team from DCE – Danish Centre for Environment and Energy, Aarhus University. Behind, from the left: Steen Gyldenkærne, Malene Nielsen, Ole-Kenneth Nielsen, Marlene Schmidt Plejdrup, Patrik Fauser, Leif Hoffmann, Henrik Gundorph Bruun, Rikke Albrektsen, Morten Winther, Mette Hjorth Mikkelsen and Katja Hjelgaard.

2012.06.11 | DCE, Public / media

The Danish UN informative inventory report on air pollution deemed most reliable

Denmark’s annual national inventory report on air pollution to the UN is rock solid – and has now been awarded for its reliability.

2012.05.07 | DCE, Public / media

New Danish greenhouse emission inventory to EU and UN

Denmark’s total greenhouse gas emissions measured in CO2 equivalents have decreased by 11% from 1990 to 2010. The figure does not comprise the net contribution from forestry and land-use. If this is included the reduction is 19.4 %.

2012.05.07 | DCE, Public / media

Marked reductions in Denmark’s emissions of polluting gases

Denmark’s emissions of many of the gases, heavy metals and particles reported to the UN Convention for long-range transboundary air pollution (UNECE LRTAP) have been reduced markedly in recent years.

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