2018.05.07 | DCE, Public / media

Impacts of windfarm construction on Harbor porpoises

New model predicting the impacts of anthropogenic disturbances on marine populations.

2018.01.11 | DCE, Public / media

Emissions from shipping in the Arctic

New report outlines emissions from shipping in the arctic from 2012-16 and emission projections for 202020, 2030 and 2050

2018.01.05 | DCE, Staff, Public / media

Call for abstracts EUTRO2018 Symposium

Abstracts can now be submitted to the 4th International Symposium on Research and Management of Eutrophication in Coastal Ecosystems (EUTRO 2018), 18-20 June 2018 in Nyborg, Denmark.

2017.12.20 | DCE, Public / media

Agricultural emissions calculations for 1985-2015

New report details greenhouse gas emissions by Danish agriculture

2017.12.20 | Department of Bioscience, DCE, Public / media

The effect of simulated seal scarer sounds on harbour porpoises

New report details how harbour porpoises react to simulated seal scarer

2017.12.01 | DCE, Public / media

Taiwanese windmills pose possible risk of hearing loss for local dolphins

Taiwanese wind energy plan will have impact on local wildlife

2017.10.11 | DCE, Department of Bioscience, Public / media, Staff

Aarhus University awarded contract for wildlife management

The university won the competition in the latest tender for public sector consultancy in wildlife management in Denmark.

2017.09.21 | DCE, Department of Bioscience, Public / media

Marine mammals in the Baltic Sea in relation to the Nord Stream 2 project

New baseline report outlines conditions for marine animals in relation to planned gas pipeline.

2017.03.27 | DCE, Public / media

Geese begin to threaten nature, agriculture and air traffic

European goose populations have grown so much in the last 40 years that they have gone from being relatively threatened to numbers that themselves present a threat to agriculture, biodiversity and air safety.

2017.01.20 | DCE, Public / media

Networked Environmental Monitoring – from sensor principles to novel services

High-end seminar on air pollution meteorology, monitoring and technology

2017.01.05 | DCE, Public / media

Handling radioactive mining in the Arctic

New report on mining and radioactive materials i Greenland

2017.01.04 | DCE, Public / media

Wastewater treatment and discharge

Emissions from Danish wastewater treatment plants from anaerobic sludge treatment.

2017.01.04 | DCE, Public / media

Projection of greenhouse gases 2014-2025

The emissions are projected to 2025 using a scenario, which includes the estimated effects of policies and measures implemented by November 2015 on Denmark’s GHG emissions.

2017.01.04 | DCE, Public / media

Svalbard Pink-footed Goose. Population Status Report 2015-16

This is part of an adaptive harvest management framework set up to support the implementation of the AEWA International Species Management Plan for the population.

2016.11.23 | DCE, Public / media

AU-workshop on past nitrogen loads

Workshop brought experiences with estimation of nitrogen loads in the year 1900 into focus

2016.05.26 | DCE, Public / media

Harbour Porpoises are Skilled Hunters and Eat Almost Constantly

Always eating to survive, porpoises are among the best hunters in the sea, new study shows.

2016.05.11 | Public / media, DCE

Decreased air pollution in Danish cities

The air quality monitoring report from 2014 shows that concentration of pollution has decreased over the past decade in Denmark, but H.C. Andersen’s Boulevard exceeds the NO2 level above the EU limit value.

2016.04.15 | Public / media, DCE

Climate Adaption in Local Governance

A new study shows that strong leadership, large municipalities and prior experiences with climate change are key factors in implementing climate adaption strategies within Danish municipalities

2016.04.12 | Public / media, DCE

Trends in Records and Contribution of Non-indigenous Species (NIS) to Biotic Communities in Danish Marine Water

Results from the investigation on non-indigenous species (NIS) in Danish marine water show a signifi-cant increase of NIS since 1989

2016.04.08 | Public / media, DCE

Environmental Assessments of Sea Dumped Chemical Warfare Agents

A new report concludes that the installation of a pipe line in the Nord Stream is not stirring up chemical warfare agents or disturbing fish communities

2016.03.15 | DCE, Public / media

Status on Beach Litter Monitoring in Denmark 2015

The first national monitoring programme of beach litter shows huge regional differences in amount and a dominance of plastic

2016.02.16 | DCE, Public / media

Microplastic particles in North Sea sediments 2015

Blue microplastic particles are dominant in the North Sea

2016.01.15 | DCE, Public / media

Transitions to a Green Economy require political will and far-reaching transformations in society and economy

Transitions to a green economy are never purely based on win-win solutions, but require taking into account potential trade-offs among multiple goals, across sectors and international leakage. So a broad political will and the inclusion of a broad set of different actors from society and economy are essential, conclude the researchers from five…

Pink-footed geese at Klemskerke, Belgium. Photo: Roland François

2015.06.17 | DCE, Public / media

Management Plan for the pink-footed goose has surprisingly rapid effect

After just two years of implementing an international adaptive management plan for the pink-footed goose, its population has been reduced to the agreed target of 60,000 geese.

“The Energy Tower" in Roskilde adorns the publication's cover.

2015.05.08 | DCE, Public / media

Publication describing the Danish efforts towards clean air since 1970

Over the past 40 years, research, innovation, regulation and technology have worked in close combination to reduce considerably air pollution in Denmark for a variety of pollutants.

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