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No. 213: Geographical analysis of § 3 registered areas. Analyses of overlap between § 3 registered areas and other geographical data

Levin, G. 2016. Geografiske analyser af § 3-registrerede arealer. Analyser af overlap mellem § 3-registrerede arealer og andre geografiske data. Aarhus Universitet, DCE – Nationalt Center for Miljø og Energi, 47 s. - Videnskabelig rapport fra DCE - Nationalt Center for Miljø og Energi nr. 213. http://dce2.au.dk/pub/SR213.pdf



The § 3 register contains a nationwide registration and mapping of habitats, which are covered by the § 3 in the Danish Nature Protection Act. § 3 habitats comprise freshwater meadows, heather, bogs, dry meadows, coastal meadows and lakes. The § 3 map is the only nationwide and consistent map of these habitat types in Denmark.

As basis for development of politics and for answering interpellations for ministers and the Parliament, among other, it is important to have knowledge about the spatial distribution and geographical context of § 3 registered habitats. This encompasses knowledge about the regional distribution of habitats, how habitats are distributed over sizes and their connectivity, how large a proportion of § 3 registered habitats are covered by other designations, and how habitats are localized in relation to other land use types.

Between 2011 and 2013, the registration of § 3 protected habitats was comprehensively revised. This implies changes in the extent, spatial distribution, size of registered habitats as well as changes regarding overlap with other designations and land use types.

Therefore, the aim of this study is to conduct geographical analyses of § 3 registered habitats based on the revised registration of § 3 protected habitat types. Furthermore, analyses make use of the newest accessible geographical data sources. Therefore, results reflect the most up-to-date picture of the spatial distribution and spatial context of § 3 protected habitat types in Denmark.