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Danish emission inventories for road transport and other mobile sources until 2016

A new report presents detailed measures of emissions as a product of transport and other mobile sources up until the year 2016. The report is based on a study done by scientists from DCE – Danish Centre for Environment and Energy.

Transportation is one of the main contributers to emissions in countires the world over, including Denmark. (Photo: Colourbox)

The emission calculations for road transport are made with an internal DCE model, with a structure similar to the European COPERT 5 (Computer Programme to calculate the Emissions from Road Transport) methodology. The emissions are calculated for operationally hot engines, during cold start and fuel evaporation.

The model also includes the emission effect of catalyst wear. Input data for vehicle stock and mileage is obtained from DTU Transport and is grouped according to average fuel consumption and emission behaviour. The emissions are estimated by combining vehicle and annual mileage numbers with emission factors for hot engines, emission ratios between cold and hot engines and factors for gasoline evaporation.

This report explains the emission inventories for road transport and other mobile sources, which are part of the annual Danish emission inventories reported to the UNFCCC (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change) and the UNECE LRTAP (United Nations Economic Commission for Europe Long Range Transboundary Pollution) convention. The subsectors for other mobile sources are military, railways, inland waterways, national sea traffic, national fishing, civil aviation and non-road machinery used in agriculture, forestry, industry, household/gardening and commercial/institutional.

The emissions are shown in time-series as required by the UNFCCC and the UNECE LRTAP conventions and grouped according to the UNFCCC Common Reporting Format (CRF) and UNECE National Format for Reporting (NFR) classification codes.

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