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Activities at Aarhus University

Aarhus University is a scientific data centre for monitoring the aquatic environment in freshwater and marine areas. The university is responsible for monitoring the Danish sea areas, while the Danish Nature Agency monitors the freshwater, fjords and inland marine areas. Scientists at Aarhus University carry out research into the turnover and impact of nitrogen and phosphorus, the effects of selected environmentally hazardous substances, the sustainable use of water resources, marine mammals, and the restoration of lakes and streams. We also study the impact of the greenhouse effect on the aquatic environment, and build up mathematical models that can be used to estimate the development of the greenhouse effect.


DCE – Danish Centre for Environment and Energy provides consultancy services for the public sector and other bodies regarding scientific issues in connection with the management of surface water and marine resources via the framework agreement between Aarhus University and the Danish Ministry of Food and Environment (available in Danish only).

On the topic of water, DCE provides consultancy services for the Danish Ministry of Food and Environment in the areas

  • Nutrient and pesticide loading on freshwater ecosystems
  • Impact of climate change on freshwater ecosystems
  • Restoration of streams, lakes and river valleys
  • Environmental monitoring of freshwater
  • Ecological modelling of the marine environment
  • Biological indicators and management models for the marine environment
  • Climate effects in marine areas in Denmark and the Arctic




Research into the aquatic environment is carried out in particular at the Department of Bioscience in the following fields:

Applied Marine Ecology and Modelling
Karen Timmermann, Bioscience
kt@bios.au.dk - +45 8715 8467
AU Roskilde

Marine Diversity and Experimental Ecology
Karsten Dahl, Bioscience
kda@bios.au.dk - +45 8715 8566
AU Roskilde

Marine Ecology
Henrik Fossing, Bioscience
hfo@bios.au.dk - +45 8715 8804
AU Silkeborg

Catchment Science and Environmental Management
Brian Kronvang, Bioscience
bkr@bios.au.dk - +45 8715 8746
AU Silkeborg

Lake Ecology  
Torben Lauridsen, Bioscience 
tll@bios.au.dk - +45 8715 8762 
AU Silkeborg