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Significant problems

Human activities and behaviour have an impact on the diversity of flora and fauna.

Aarhus University’s contribution

Aarhus University follows the progress of selected flora and fauna in Denmark and in Arctic regions. The university builds up models for development in animal populations and their interaction with types of nature and human activities. The purpose of these models is to make operative tools that can be used in nature management in the areas of nature quality, hunting and wildlife management, forestry, land use, landscapes, impact of wind turbine farms, and types of nature. Aarhus University acts as a Scientific Data Centre for Biodiversity and Terrestrial Environment.

These pages were originally prepared by Denmark’s National Environmental Research Institute (NERI), but are now updated by the Department of Bioscience at Aarhus University.


Research into nature and biodiversity is carried out in particular at the Department of Bioscience in the following fields:

Arctic Ecosystem Ecology
Niels-Martin Schmidt, Bioscience 
nms@bios.au.dk – +45 8715 8683 
AU Roskilde

Biodiversity and Conservation 
Bettina Nygaard, Bioscience 
bny@bios.au.dk - +45 8715 8474 
AU Kalø

Marine Mammal Research
Jacob Nabe-Nielsen, Bioscience
jnn@bios.au.dk - +45 8715 8696
AU Roskilde

Plant and Insect Ecology
Morten Strandberg, Bioscience 
mts@bios.au.dk – +45 8715 8837 
AU Silkeborg

Wildlife Ecology
Aksel Bo Madsen, Bioscience
abm@bios.au.dk - +45 8715 8863
AU Kalø

Consultancy services for the Danish Ministry of the Environment

DCE – Danish Centre for Environment and Energy provides consultancy services regarding the management of nature and biodiversity, partly via the framework agreement between Aarhus University and the Danish Ministry of the Environment (available in Danish only).

On the topic of nature, DCE provides consultancy services for the Danish Ministry of the Environment in the areas of:

  • Assessment of natural conditions and biodiversity
  • Integrated effects of human and natural impact
  • Biodiversity in streams, lakes and river valleys
  • Marine natural resources and nature restoration
  • Arctic nature, environment and ecosystems
  • Marine birds and mammals
  • Hunting and wildlife management

Other areas of consultancy

DCE offers services and consultancy to other public and private sector customers in all our areas of expertise. All consultancy services are based on internationally acknowledged research.

Read more about DCE's consultancy services.