2017.12.01 |

Taiwanese windmills pose possible risk of hearing loss for local dolphins

Taiwanese wind energy plan will have impact on local wildlife

2017.10.11 |

Aarhus University awarded contract for wildlife management

The university won the competition in the latest tender for public sector consultancy in wildlife management in Denmark.

2017.09.21 |

Marine mammals in the Baltic Sea in relation to the Nord Stream 2 project

New baseline report outlines conditions for marine animals in relation to planned gas pipeline.

2017.03.27 |

Geese begin to threaten nature, agriculture and air traffic

European goose populations have grown so much in the last 40 years that they have gone from being relatively threatened to numbers that themselves present a threat to agriculture, biodiversity and air safety.

2017.01.20 |

Networked Environmental Monitoring – from sensor principles to novel services

High-end seminar on air pollution meteorology, monitoring and technology


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